Hobbywing Platinum Pro 260A HV ESC 6-14s, 10A BEC

Product information "Hobbywing Platinum Pro 260A HV ESC 6-14s, 10A BEC"

The Platinum V5 260A HV V5 provides constant speed control, ensuring an excellent flying experience with its powerful 12V switch-mode BEC. The innovative housing design, featuring additional windows on the sides and internal structure, enables highly effective heat dissipation. This allows the generated heat to be directly transported from the circuit board to the outside through the shortest path. This is particularly necessary because the integrated 32-bit processor enhances the RPM algorithm's precision, thereby further strengthening the overall performance of the Platinum ESC (Electronic Speed Controller). The finely adjustable speed sensitivity ultimately allows every pilot to find a setting that suits them perfectly.

The ESC also incorporates Efficiency Optimization Technology with Synchronous Rectification (DEO: "Driving Efficiency Optimization" - Active Freewheeling), which brings several advantages at once:
- Faster throttle response, improved flight stability, and flexibility.
- Higher driving efficiency and longer battery life.
- Lower temperature increase of the ESC, ensuring reliability.


  • Efficient cooling through a sophisticated heat dissipation system with windows
  • Built-in 12V switch-mode BEC (5-12V)
  • Supports multiple data protocols, e.g.,
    Mikado VBar System, Futaba S.BUS2, MSH Brain, and iKON
  • Includes data recording accessible via the OTA module on the smartphone
  • Multiple protection features
  • 16 adjustable parameters, including 4 flight modes:
    • Fixed Wing
    • Helicopter - External Governor
    • Helicopter - Express Governor
    • Helicopter - Store Governor

Technical Specifications:

544,00 €