Designed for an ultra-light disc loading, the OXY FLASH is not a standard 700 class heli. OXY FLASH can be the machine of your dreams; lightweight and precise, crazy head speeds are NOT necessary for the FLASH!

Everything within the OXY FLASH has focused on weight reduction and flight efficiency, providing stellar levels of low disc loading with ultra nimble and precise flight characteristics thanks to the Center Of Gravity position.

Starting from 1900 RPM you can completely feel FLASH character and performance.

Every CNC component is produced in Luca Invernizzi's CNC Factory ACE CNC in Vietnam, without compromise of prices, materials and precision.

All outsourced parts and components, such bearing, hardware, plastics, and other components come from decades known and selected professional suppliers. We keep in mind what customers expect from us, and don't have any reason to cheat them!

Purpose built for insane levels of 3D performance, precision, but also low speed less extreme flights. We know many of you don't like crazy head speed. The OXY FLASH places an immense focus on precision. The OXY FLASH features sealed precision swashplate radial bearings, and ultra smooth, zero play dual radial bearings relating to the anti-rotation pin. These high-quality bearing systems provide excellent longevity & performance, with ultra smooth operation for crisp cyclic response.

Constructed with a compact, lightweight frame that focuses on a tightly grouped center mass for optimal 3D performance. The OXY FLASH frame is aesthetically beautiful, with excellent crash tolerance due to the high strength layout. Utilizing a two-section upper / lower frame layout, the frame design has been specifically engineered with a zero-resonance design, equating to ultra-low vibrations for the smoothest flight characteristics possible. This translates into better Flybarless performance by reducing unwanted noise and vibrations. Less vibrations enables unparalleled levels of precision and control.

Ready and waiting to push the boundaries of flight, the OXY FLASH is a revolutionary evolution in RC helicopter design, taking hold of incredible levels of refinements and knowledge to produce the very best flying helicopter in the skies today. Step up to the OXY FLASH revolution today.

Overall Design Features:

  • 690mm / 700mm - Rotor Blade Options (Non-Included on the Kit)
  • 105 - Tail Blade (Non-Included on the kit)
  • Standard Servos
  • Lightweight Mechanical Design
  • Ultra Low Disc Loading for Nimble & Precise Flight Characteristics starting at 1900 RPM
  • Optimized for 12S or why not 6 or 8S
  • Ultra Rigid No Boom Strut Ovalized Tail Boom Design
  • Tail Boom with industry first Lynx Oxy APS (Adaptive Proportional Skeleton) Tail System.

Main Rotor Features:

  • Ultra Precise 700Class Rotor System
  • Massively Strong 10mm Main Shaft
  • 10mm Spindle Shaft
  • High Quality Sealed Precision Ceramic Swashplate Radial Bearings
  • Ultra Smooth Dual Radial Bearings via Swashplate & Anti Rotation Pin
  • 14/14 Degree Pitch Rotor System with NO Delta Error.
  • Increased Crash Tolerance via Sacrificial Pitch Arms
  • Semi-rigid Dampeners Design for Excellent Performance and Adaptability

Main Frame Features:

  • Ultra Compact, Incredibly Lightweight, Two-Piece Design
  • Two Section Frame Design via Upper/Lower Layout
  • Zero Resonance Design for Optimal Flight Characteristics & Flybarless Performance
  • Tightly Grouped Center Mass CG for Optimized 3D Flight
  • Ultra Narrow / High Rigidity Frame Design
  • Smart Slider Quick Release Battery System.
899,00 €